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Tracking analytics dashboard

Showoff yourAnalytics

Create and customize your public analytics dashboard for your business, powered by Google Analytics.

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Built for individuals and marketers

Easily Consumable

Show only hand-picked data points that really matter. Remove all the noise.

Multiple Sites

If you manage multiple sites, go on and create dashboards for all of them.

Quick Setup

With just two steps, you can create your own public dashboard. Only basic permissions required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

OpenPerf collect data from your Google Analytics account and displays it in a consumable public dashboard.

What permissions do I need to provide?

We only need read permissions to the specific analytics property. This is done by adding our email with read access. No additional permissions are required.

Is my data safe?

Privacy is everyone's responsibility and so, we do not store your analytics information. The information is rendered and discarded. Please note that page data will be cached for 6 hours in CDN for performance reasons

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